[The nineteenth century was an era of significant change for Santa Catalina Island. The Island was host to Spanish ships, Native Americans, Russian and Aleutian otter hunters, miners, ranchers, and a company of Union soldiers. As the century drew to a close the Island’s history took an interesting turn when the fishermen and sheepherders were joined by entrepreneurs with the foresight and vision to develop the Island into a resort community.]

Whittaker Longstreet, Tech Chief for the Marine Biological Survey Team

Whittaker Longstreet’s interview had been, except for some bits and pieces, wiped clean from the record.

From what I was able to gather, those survivors who were able to gather weapons from the police station in Avalon returned to the Casino. There, they gathered everyone onto a tour bus and headed inland.

Eventually, they came upon the USC marine research facility where they holed themselves up until helped arrived in the form of the military.

At least they thought the military was there to help them.

According to Whittaker’s interview, the survivors—about a dozen of them—were separated and detained on board a naval ship. Eventually, they were all released and sent home.

And this is where the records get weird.

Of the dozen or so survivors, only David Zabloski and Whittaker Longstreet seemed to have made it through the ordeal. The others, despite documents indicating they were healthy enough to return to their normal lives have never been heard from again.

According to military records I was able to get my hands on, the others had apparently succumbed to the same infection that wiped out thousands of people on Catalina.

…only David and Whittaker know the truth regarding the events on Santa Catalina Island during that fateful summer in 2013.

—David Mulder (facetleak.net founder)


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