Savage World of Horror: Angel's Requiem

The Lair in Bel Air

Season 1: Episode 4

Abandoned Mansion
Bel Air, CA
Monday, January 13, 2014

The door splintered in with each chop of Joe Holland’s sharp axe.

“Well, the stealthy approach is definitely out,” Dante said sarcastically.

With a powerful swing of Joe’s axe, the door splintered into large pieces. Light shone into the mansion’s dark foyer.

Joe stepped in after Dante. “Heeeres, Joey!” Joe said imitating the famous line from The Shining.

Inside, the mansion’s foyer was cloaked in darkness. It smelled of ancient dust. The tell-tale scent of copper also lingered in the air. “That’s the smell of blood,” Joe said.

Dante found a light switch and turned the lights on. The foyer was suddenly bathed in light by a large crystal chandelier and wall sconces.

The mansion’s interior was surprisingly lacking in expensive decor one would expect in a Bel Air mansion. No paintings decorated the walls. Except for two marble statues at the top of each of the stairs, no other art objects were visible. Carpeted grand stairs led from either side of the foyer up to the mansion’s second floor. Four marble columns supported the high vaulted ceiling overhead, while large-cut travertine tiles covered every square inch of the ground floor.

On the ground floor, the group noticed three doors which led farther into the rest of the mansion. There were three similar looking doors upstairs.

Everyone decided to search the rooms downstairs before going upstairs.

But as they carefully made their way to the stairs, a door on the ground floor’s far right burst opened. A door suddenly opened upstairs too.

From each door, a vampire emerged with fangs bared and claws cutting deep gouges into the doorframe. Each one wore a loose shirt and faded jeans.

When they saw the intruders, each one’s jaw hyperextended and then let out an ear-splitting roar.

Soon a battle against the bloodsucking undead was underway.

Thanks to the garlic-infused ammunition Whittaker had made for everyone, vampires were being slaughtered just as fast as they were being found. With each shotgun blast, a chop from Joe’s axe and a fatal cut from Dante’s katana, every vampire the group run into went down in an explosion of ash.

In a short time, every room was searched.

And n o vampire they came across was spared.

Zabloski was nearly lost however, when a vampire savagely raked him across his chest. After the vampire that nearly killed Zabloski was destroyed, Whittaker and then Joe worked on Zabloski’s injuries.

Although suffering from his wounds, Zabloski was able to continue on the hunt for more vampires.

“These vampires we’ve been dropping are pretty easy to take on,” Joe said with confidence. “I always thought vampires were a lot tougher.”

“There are kinds that are not killed so easily from what I’ve heard,” Dante offered. “I think we’re just lucky to be fighting the weaker kinds.” He reloaded his shotgun and pumped it, ready to take on more of the creatures.

The pain Zabloski felt where he was raked near his stomach didn’t feel like it was made by a “weaker” vampire, Zabloski thought.

Later, the group found a set of stairs, possibly leading to a basement, on the first floor.

“Perfect place for a meth-lab,” Joe said pointing towards the stairs leading down. He was referring to what the group learned was possibly an organized crime ring ran in part by the vampires. In their investigation, and by talking to Detective Dean Lazarus of the Angel City PD, there had been unconfirmed reports of drug dealers showing signs of superhuman—or supernatural—strength and abilities.

It was obvious that some of the drug dealers may have been, in fact, vampires.

When the group entered the basement, they found that it did contain all the necessary equipment to produce illegal drugs.

They also ran into three more vampires. One of them was armed with a .50 caliber Desert Eagle handgun. Dante recognized him as Butch Miller, the drug dealer Marilee described as the one who forced her to hide drugs in her parents’ restaurant.

The group quickly slew two vampires before Dante was able to reach Butch and cut him in half with his razor-sharp katana.

“That’s for Marilee,” Dante said as he watched Butch explode into ashes.


Everyone quickly searched the basement and found a book containing the names of drug dealers and peddlers all across Angel City. Many of the names were marked with a lower-case “v” which they suspect marked them as “vampires”.

They knew the information they found could prove invaluable in the future.

After setting the basement on fire, the group left the mansion feeling satisfied that they had in some small way helped turn the growing tide of evil which threatened to destroy Angel City.


Joe Holland
(Bounty Hunter)

Whittaker Longstreet

David Zabloski
(Investigative Reporter for The National Inquisitor)

Special Appearance By:

John Philips Dante
(Private Investigator and Shadow Chaser)



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